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The industry of information technology undergoes a revolution with every new innovation. There has always been an accelerated, dynamic shift in the IT industry that gives birth to a new age each time. The ongoing times refer to the era of SSDs. SSDs, known as Solid State Drives, have been successful in addressing the most advanced necessities and purposes of the new-age users. They provide a superior way for storing data and information, which is non-volatile flash memory. This data can incorporate music, games, operating system, images, etc. With this, they have taken a higher position than the hard disk drives that render a traditional way of storing data and information. Although SSDs function alongside the system’s memory and processor for accessing and employing data similar to HDDs. However, they play a huge role in intensifying the system’s performance, unlike HDDs. 

For the same reason, SSDWALA,  A Venture By Zortex Gaming Solution Pvt.Ltd, is established. Our goal is to provide the best storage solutions of NVMe and SATA SSDs with high-end technical support. We are leading the IT industry at the forefront as a reseller of storage devices when it comes to offering an extensive range of data storage solutions for data centers, the finance sector, stock market, medical division, entertainment industry, BPOs, etc.

We aim to cater to an entire series of high-grade Solid State Drives by the leading international brands, incorporating Adata, Gigabyte, Crucial, Transcend, Toshiba, Teamgroup, etc. We enable our clients to acquire all kinds of solutions for their desktops, laptops, servers, and other systems. Furthermore, SSDWALA is also renowned for offering varied solutions at the most competitive rates as well as in the minimum time period at just a click. 

Along with our 24/7 online customer support, you gain the guarantee of seamless, fast delivery of the products at absolutely no shipping charge. We at SSDWALA also provide the assurance of 100% secure payment gateways. Additionally, you can make use of numerous online modes of money transfer including, debit cards, credit cards, EMI options, and net banking. We are highly enthusiastic about consistently maintaining and advancing our service level to a higher level simultaneously. Thus, our clients get a reliable online shopping experience and never get disappointed with our exceptional after-sales service.

You can write us at [email protected] to provide your feedback, asking for any query or required support.

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